Written on 11/12/04

Merry Christmas. From ULVER.

Written on 10/11/04

UPLAND will be playing at Betong, Chateau Neuf, Oslo, Thursday the 2nd of December. Doors open at 21:00.

Written on 6/11/04

BOGUS BLIMP celebrate the release of their third and last album in Gøteborggata 27 B at Grünerløkka, Oslo, Friday the 12th of November.
And you are invited.

Written on 1/11/04

The aforementioned discs by BOGUS BLIMP, UPLAND and WHEN are up for sale at the shop. This is, of course, a token of pure and unadulterated altruism, as these albums will not be available elsewhere until December/January/February.

Do you feel exclusive?

Written on 26/10/04

We are no longer exclusively Norwegian. We have decided to break our own rules of patriotic modesty and take on the world instead. Our new signing is American and is one freakishly talented guitar player with an equally freaky approach to the allmighty axe. He is Anthony Curtis and the work, Book of the key, will come through us early next year. 74 minutes totally improvised bacchanal moving from fusion to progressive rock and weird as hell. Almost like the second coming of the Mahavishnu Orchestra.

The album also features none other than the one and only Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, Lou Reed, Warren Zevon, David Bowie, John Lennon, Laurie Anderson and the list goes on) on Chapman stick, Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Steve Vai, Screamin' Jay Hawkins etc.) on Fender Rhodes, Lewis Pragasam (Malaysia's leading percussionist and the pioneer of Asiabeat) on Drums and Jeff Gauthier on Violin.

"Like a 1,000 year old Dalai Lama scat played by six-fingered reptiles, this multi-guitared and multi-textured ensemble rips dense and tangled jams through the underbrush of the avant-garde." CMJ New Music Report

Thank God for that LA trip, huh!

Written on 22/10/04

ULVER is done with the film business for now. Uno has become a major success in Norway, with over 200 000 visitors the first month (that's 5% of the Norwegian population folks), and it also just won a prize at the EuropaCinema festival in Italy. A commercial soundtrack has been released by Bonnier Amigo Music Norway, and we have a few copies available from the shop. We will push our own via Jester in due time. We will not even think about it for a while though.

Now we just have to release the Blood inside. It is running cold and the brain is receiving it and interpreting and transmitting again and again and again. It is making us sick. A baroque thing, beyond all good taste.

See the updated ULVER page for more.

Printing t-shirts in four colours was friggin' expensive, and as we are kinda short these days we have decided to start with devil girl (the design to the left on the picture). We also have to up the price to 150 NOK/18 Euros/23 $. Sorry folks. That's just the way it is. You can help speed up the process by pre-ordering.

Written on 22/9/04

As some of you might have gathered, we here at El Ristorante Jester have a few feast plates for y'all this Autumn.

Appetizers are hereby served:


We are also about to go take on the fashion world with our new exclusive clothing line: Girls of Jester Records. Pre-orders are taken now. Sizes: M and L; price: 120 NOK/14 Euros/18 $.

Written on 19/8/04

The re-release of ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA's Horisont is a reality. Press release and pictures will be available shortly. In the meanwhile you can listen. Purchase from the shop.

ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA also appears with an exclusive version of Along rails on the double compilation cd 10 år i løse lufta, released by the cultural collective Grünerløkka Lufthavn to celebrate their tenth anniversary.

ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA will be warming up for Dave Phillips at Dans for voksne at Chateau Neuf, Oslo the 6th of September.

A tour of Europe will happen later in the autumn. These are the dates so far:

07.10 Studenterhus, Aarhus, Denmark. With NID and ENDICHE VIS SAT.
10.10 Black Fleck, Potsdam, Germany. With ENDICHE VIS SAT.
11.10 Die Sibirische Zelle, Berlin, Germany. With I:WOUND.
15.10 Supermarket, Torino, Italy. With PAN SONIC and PLASTIC VIOLENCE.
16.10 Urgh Party@Barcode, Torino, Italy. With FABRIZIO MODONESE PALUMBO + dj set by Smbp.
18.10 Wagenmeister, Basel, Switzerland. With NID.
19.10 Squat Kalki, Zurich, Switzerland. With TOTSTELLEN.
23.10 Alternatiff Music Bar & Gallery, Praha, Czech Republic
24.10 Poezie, Most, Czech Republic. With NAPALMED.
26.10 TBC
27.10 Bombura Club, Brezno, Slovakia. Releaseparty for ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA cd Live In Central Europe.
28.10 Cajovna Carovna, Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
29.10 TBC
30.10 TBC

Written on 22/7/04

Single Unit is back on the road again, this time with cut-man Jason Forrest aka Donna Summer. These are the dates:

28/07: Nordberg Festival, Nordberg, SE
30+31/07: Safe As Milk Festival, Haugesund, NO
01/08: Landmark, Bergen, NO
03/08: Blå, Oslo, NO
04/08: Gothenburgh, SE
05/08: Inkonst, Malmö, SE
06/08: Neon, Brösarp, SE
08/08: Sound Art Festival

See you there!

Written on 13/7/04

BOGUS BLIMP, the most circus band in the circus, have completed their new album. It is also their last. Unfortunately, as we are very fond of them; they were one of our first spectacles. The album is a beautiful swan song, slower, alien, sans the most apparent rock elements. The title is yet to be announced.

The tenth full-length from Lars the Lobster is on the jubilee menu for October. You can stop fishing and you can start salivating. The Bible was abandoned. He hooked on to greater ideas. Whenever.

Our Rock alibi KÅRE JOÃO is on track with the follow up. He's the same, conscious of his heritage, never mind the divorce, perfect hair, fond of the ladies, hung over in the mornings and, of course, ruined. He's got all it takes to blow yer minds. Featuring Hunter S. Thompson on drugs ... err ... drums. Gotcha!

Also: Shop on. Thanks to all who have ordered. We just treated ourselves the most marvellous dinner. We drink to you. In return we go through filthy basements for items of utmost importance to us and the Church of Norway. Titles by HOLY TOY, MUNCH and THULE are up for sale. Other legends will follow. We wish to be the hammer that cracks the Northern skies open for all to see.

GALAKTIKA will be released September. August from the shop.

ULVER just occupies space.

Written on 14/6/04

We lost the awards; again. As expected. Cheers.

No new signings and little movement. WHEN is all over the Gospel of St. Thomas and KÅRE JOÃO is in the mix. The rest of the circus will follow as soon as you start using your goddamn credit cards. Do you have any idea what this private party costs? The shop is now open and Sir Lancelot is awaiting your orders.

Proceed to the ULVER homepage.

Written on 28/1/04

Happy new year people. Change hands.

Two Jesters are nominated to Spellemannsprisen, the Norwegian Grammy Awards 2003, live on Norwegian TV2 February 28. WHEN is nominated for the parasexy Pearl-Harvest album in Open Class. ULVER in Electronica for the re-issued Teachings in Silence, the two Silence eps in one, originally released by the American label Black Apple 2002. Oddly it seems the jury didn't notice the original recording dates (2000 and 2001). So hush hush. The WHEN nomination was about bloody time though.

Speaking of time. There's been none to run the label as we'd like, due to haywire ULVER commitments and paranoia. See the updated ULVER page for details. We are therefore happy to have good ol' Erik Lancelot on board to support the court. His first chore will be to establish an inhouse and online webshop. Then he'll help us make it all work. We will be a multinational corporation eating the planet out. More on this shortly.

Tricks up our sleeve:

ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA's Horisont, composed for a joint sound-picture exhibition with painter Bård Solhaug 2002, will be re-issued before summer. KÅRE JÕAO is still working hard completing the next album. BOGUS BLIMP and ROTOSCOPE the same. VIRUS is spreading.

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