Written on 4/6/03

For you gullible believing that VIRUS would actually happen May: The album will ship September 15, coinciding with the international release of ULVERs SVIDD NEGER soundtrack. The QUICK FIX EP is set to August. The wait is due to our distributor VME’s wish to prepare and promote such flabbergasting cultural events properly.

The VILLAGE VOICE has published a piece on ULVER and relations, read it. Bogdan Raczynski’s ULVER remix is currently A-listed on several Norwegian radio channels. Cash for the man.

KÅRE JOÃO’s Sleepers video is spinning frequently on Norwegian NRK2 and Scandinavian ZTV. The clip is also included as CD-ROM on the single. Shot on 16mm b/w film resembling such fine pieces of art as Jim Jarmusch’s STRANGER THAN PARADISE and Gus Van Sant’s DRUGSTORE COWBOY. Cars, chicks and dope. Yeah. Album out within the year.

WHEN is done recording the new album, continuing the Lobster Boys adventure. Mix July, release Winter.

We are currently negotiating with Kid 606’s Tigerbeat6 label for US licencing of the cut-cool electronic part of our catalogue.

Jester also welcomes Jacob aka VOID onboard as our appointed programmer. Bård Hole Standal will provide us with new fab designs shortly.
And yeah, bought 1349 RYKKINN yet? No? Shock you!

The other Jesters are currently working.

Quick fix
Written on 25/4/03

The release of the Quick Fix EP will be pushed a few months, to make sure that it does not collide with the recent release of the 1st Decade album.

Meanwhile, here's something to make the waiting time a bit sweeter: excerpt.

Short message
Written on 12/2/03

ULVER site updated.

LIVE from the Jester Electronic Dept
Written on 30/1/03


At club KILLYREGO, Oslo, Norway, Sunday February 2. Cover: NOK 60. Support: ROTOSCOPE DJ's, Andreas Mjøs und Stallmeister G. Be there.

Written on 7/1/03

ULVER: Lyckantropen Themes has been nominated to Spellemannsprisen 2003, the Norwegian Grammy Awards, genre Open Class. Other nominees are Mari Boine, Jaga Jazzist, Nils Petter Molvær and Sidsel Endresen with Bugge Wesseltoft. The soundtrack will unlikely bring us the award in this company, none the less we appreciate the nomination. The show is broadcasted on Norwegian national television February 22.; stay put for G.'s hat.

Happy new year folks. Cheerio on the stereo.
Written on 3/1/03

Bogus Blimp to release new material! "Pretty soon, and definitely before expected," claims spokesman when asked directly. The time since their last release has been spent reorganizing the reorganizing efforts, to seamlessly bridge old constructs to newer, faster and sleeker lines. Two years in progress their new album probes steadily deeper into the collective sub-consciousness of the remaining members. Plan A operates with no less than three releases within the next "very short period of time".

Check out the new promo shot of Kåre’s magic medicine band, right here [(c) Helene Broch].

The press section has been updated including the latest tricks from Jester’s fun factory.

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