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Written on 12/12/02


The score for Svidd neger is almost done and will be released on Jester in parallel with the film premiere March 2003. The music is more elaborate than the abstract minimalism of Lyckantropen.

The string remake of Nattens Madrigal is of course delayed - no further friggin’ comment. The original havoc is now re-released on vinyl by the Dutch Displeased Records; on CD by the Italian Avant Garde Records.

The remix party-platter for our ten years in metabusiness is on track and will be released February 2003, entitled 1st Decade in the Machines. We have remixed ourselves, a rework of \\\"Nattleite\\\" from Kveldssanger. Other distinguished guests are Merzbow, Neotropic, Bogdan Raczynski, Third Eye Foundation, Kevin Drumm, Fennesz and Stars of the Lid among others.

We’ve also done a cover of Lee Hazlewood’s \\\"The Night Before\\\" for the soon to come Jester compilation. Had some great fun in the process and plan a future cover album.

From the fashion wing: A merchandise deal with UK’s Plastichead is in place. Perdition City and Lyckantropen T-shirts are available now.

We met COIL at their performance in Oslo October 17. Trickster G. (fifth from left) and Lars Pedersen of When (forth from left) are captured derelict together with Sleazy (third from left) and Balance (second from left) here. We\\\'ve also done a new band shot; G., Ylwizaker and JHS from left to right, here [(c) Henning Jakobsen].

Oh, and another goddamn ep: A Quick Fix of Melancholy. Next year.


KÅRE JOAÕ is sailing up with a new kick-ass album release front summer 2003. New hit-to-be \\\"Sleepers\\\" with CDrom video on single will be released February, accompanied by rotation on Scandinavian ZTV and MTV Nordic. Without doubt: Rock stardom ahead.

Lars Pedersen has hinted on a return to the dark matter and is expected to record a new album. WHEN? March 2003, after returning from his habitual globetrotting, this time in Asia. The aforementioned interview with Lars done by Erik Lancelot is available in English here.

Associate Andreas Mjøs’ JAGA JAZZIST has been signed on Ninja Tune - congratulations! We hope it’ll have impact on the ROTOSCOPE figures, hah, as JAGA now is becoming a major international act. This goes to show what we all know: Quality is not necessarily commercial and needs brand labels in order to catch the public eye. The Ninja re-release of A Livingroom Hush is already BBC’s album of week and and nominated for their album of the year awards. Mags like NME, Muzik, The Face and Mojo are hailing the jazz combo as the new loud. Old news, new wrapping.

In spite of all this commerce we will release an album of LORD BÅRD (aka 1349 RYKKINN), founder of Norway’s techno grandfathers MASTERS OF MØH and SUPERSKILL and a prominent figure in the Norwegian press (articles, stunts, Perdition City photos and more) over the past years. All distorted mayhem entitled Brown Ring of Fury from the feeling of urban displacement. Here’s what our man has to say: \\\"Brown Ring of Fury is the sound of growing up in the suburbs west of Norway’s capital. 1349 Rykkinn. The sound of glue and magic mushrooms. Ghettoblasters. Daddy drowning in his own vomit. Amphetamines. Fireworks. The sound of getting laid for first time. Of filming one’s first orgasm. My life. A tribute to blowing oneself up. For to repent till tears gush forth. Again and again. An anaesthetic circle.\\\"

ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA is out with a new 7\\\" The power of compassion on the newly established Duplicate Records, Mosseveien 14, N-0193 Oslo, Norway,

Bogus later.

Ulver, Jester Fest, H Press, Radio Ad
Written on 10/10/02

The offical ULVER website is a fact.

THE MUSIC AND THE MACHINES concert was a success and calls for an encore. A written piece on the event by Christian Solem (aka Restorative for you message boarders) at (in Norwegian only). Christian has also done an interview with Andreas Mjøs (ROTOSCOPE and JAGA JAZZIST) in connection with the Pipshow event (mentioned below). English translation here.

Scandinavians should also check out ol\' Erik Lancelot\'s kickin\' read on Lars Pedersen and WHEN.

And you missed this: ULVER Radio Ad [MP3].

Jester Fest, reviews
Written on 11/9/02

The Jester Records concert THE MUSIC AND THE MACHINES at John Dee, Oslo, Friday September 13 will feature the following acts in this order:


The sets will run at one scene and not two as announced, due to cancellations by KÅRE JOÃO and WHEN (Lars Pedersen is currently working with the theatre group GRUSOMHETENS TEATER and had some Friday 13th emergency situation to sort out). These cancellations aside, we guarantee an inferno of a show.

The ULVER soundtrack for the Swedish short film "Lyckantropen" will be released mid-October [TRICK024]. The press release has been posted under the PRESS section. The STAR OF ASH album "Iter.Viator" is set for November release [TRICK010].

William York of the ALL MUSIC GUIDE has done reviews and bio's on SINGLE UNIT, BOGUS BLIMP, ROTOSCOPE and WHEN which is worth checking out.

Svidd Neger Soundtrack
Written on 20/7/02

The ULVER remix album has become a double-whopper set for release January 2003. Final score of partaking artists will be announced this October.

ULVER has been employed for the soundtrack to the upcoming Norwegian anti-Dogma outburst SVIDD NEGER, a 1.5 million USD budgeter hitting the big screen spring 2003. The scenery is absurd Norway in splendour; the music will be all pomp and circumstance. More information at

Some horror film enthusiasts have also approached us for our competence as true servants of darkness and evil. However we don't sell our souls cheap these days. We'll see, it all comes down to hard cash.

We also wrote some killer lines along a Perdition City outtake called "Lunch with Lynch ", shamming the man's filmatic signature. It'll be released in tandem with some German magazine later:

Burning black, wheels on fire
Walk the highways with me
Let's drive the decorated corpse
This is the End midget friend
Pull the brakes pleasure abuser
Speed seriously damages health
Drunk dead end, end, end

Upland, When, Single Unit
Written on 27/5/02

UPLAND [TRICK022] and WHEN's "Sunshine Superhead" single [TRICK023] will be released June 10th. WHEN will be having a release party at the legendary Oslo Bar/Pub, Last Train, Tuesday 11th where they will be performing in their bear (!) costumes and displaying the new video.

The UPLAND website is up and running. Go there to download an mp3 sample from the album + an exclusive mp3. The album will be released June 10th.

SINGLE UNIT will play live at Fabrikken (Brenneriveien, opposite to club Blå) at the next PIP SHOW event the 29th of May.

Other acts will be Andreas Mjøs (ROTOSCOPE), Martin Horntvedt, Kim Hiorthøy, Alexander Rishaug, solo projects and duos with musicians from the JAGA JAZZIST family and more.

In short; a showcase of fiesty Norwegian electronic music!

There will also be screenings of videoworks and DJ Sunshine provides the musical backdrop.

The PIP SHOW format tries to present music and performance in a condensed and entertaining way; 5-10 minutes for each act, with 1-2 minutes breaks in between. In other words; get there in time for the ride!

Written on 10/4/02 is up and running.

SINGLE UNIT will play live for the first time EVER on the 19th of April at club Blå ( in Oslo. Book yer flights now folks! Other acts the same night will be popsters LUKESTAR and punkrockers JR EWING ( Intense energy and a crowded house guaranteed.

The same night will mark the release of the 'Passion Pirates and Parasites' 7" picture disc, out in a ltd.ed of 300 on Synesthetic Recordings ( This beauty contains a few slightly reworked tracks from the CD 'Family of Forces' + additional hits. Order NOW before it's gone forever...

The 7" comes with an A2-sized poster, so for those of you wanting the poster but are too late for the 7", mail us and reserve your copy.(, you'll need to pay for postage :) )

Talented New York visual artist and musician Brian Degraw digs SINGLE UNIT, and was selling SINGLE UNIT CDs during his latest show at Alleged Galleries in LA. The last few years his work has been influenced by Norwegian sounds; more specifically black metal and pagan folk music. Upside-down stav churches, suicide series and isolated quotes from papers during the Varg Vikernes (BURZUM) trial to name a few starters.

For those who enjoyed the cover work of 'Family of Forces', it will be possible to view the original work in large scale at the Stenersen Museum in Oslo, late May and all of June. Collage, cut-outs, drawings, sound and objects in one total installation, carried out much in the same spirit and method as the SINGLE UNIT tunes. Clusters of dense, dislocated and reworked information, layered and contrasted, isolated and merged.

SINGLE UNIT has been remixed and adapted for the stage. The result was screened at Black Box Theatre in Oslo with four exclusive shows the 13th and 14th of April. The initiators was Marius von der Fehr and Katrine Bølstad, working closely together with electric boogie wonder kid Sean. Together they have managed to make tightly edited and performed dance/performance/physical theatre with lot of succesful transfers between contemporary dance, cartoons, butoh, horror movies and extreme music. Katrine and Marius have gained a lot of recognition in their field and outside, and the show was sold out a week in advance. But for those who missed it you will have the chance to see their next plot in the fall of 2002, also at Black Box Theatre.

Meanwhile view these:

SINGLE UNIT Picture 7"
SINGLE UNIT Set Design [1] [2] [3] [4]

SINGLE UNIT is finishing a remix for the murderous metal band ZYKLON these days. The track will be released together with an ULVER mix on their new MCD to come out via Candlelight (

ARM, the electronic improv. trio which Are Mokkelbost is part of, just played a rare show in Riga, Latvia, with guitarist John Hegre guesting on stage. Mr. Hegre is also known as one half of the noise duo JAZZKAMMER, one half of KAPTEIN KALIBER and one third of DER BRIEF, in addition to contributing to various other projects. The show was part of the Polar Støy (Polar Noise) event, showcasing young Norwegian electronic and contemporary music such as PALACE OF PLEASURE and ALOG. The event winded up being a positive boost and a fruitful interaction between two energetic and rising scenes.

There's a growing number of 'Family of Forces' reviews on display in the press section. Read some of the juiciest stuff below.

A free poster for the first one to translate that Italian review to intelligent English, or to any person finding or contributing new reviews and sending it to us.

Ulver/BBC & Kåre
Written on 26/3/02

ULVER are the "Feature of The Week" at the BBC Web.

A sample from the KÅRE JOÃO album "Sideman" is now up, have a listen!

Mission To Cure My Condition [MP3 Excerpt - 2.3 MB]

Upland, Kåre João, Ulver
Written on 17/3/02

JESTER has signed a new electronic one-man act called UPLAND aka Knut Ruud, and will release the album as TRICK 022 shortly.

KÅRE JOÃO Press release and MP3 sample from "Sideman" [TRICK021] will be available very shortly. Keep an eye out for the update!

ULVER have developed a new PRESS release for the business they will be conducting in 2002. Quite a few new items of interest are entailed as well as clarification on prior designs.

A few new press images to exhibit
Written on 22/1/02

KÅRE PEDERSEN [1] [2] [3]

KRISS [ARCTURUS - c/o Ad Astra © 2002]

Captain Trips
Written on 18/1/02

KÅRE PEDERSEN's radio-single "Captain Trips" will appear in Norway next week, The full length album,"Sideman", will be released on March 21. Today he was featured as the Friday portrait on the front of today's newstand (in Norway). Read about it here (text in Norwegian.)

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