Deluge from the constipated Jester...
Written on 26/11/01

Following the panegyric response from various Norwegian press departments, WHEN will begin work on a video for a remix of 'Sunshine Superhead' in January. This will coincide with the release of a new single/EP. There are also strong indications that WHEN will soon embark upon a European tour as supporting act for the speculative synthpop/goth group ZEROMANCER (no doubt big in Germany), which basically means we have a solid shot at finally implanting some good taste in our favorite Teutonic warriors.

Mrs. Heidi Solberg Tveitan's (known to some of you as Ihriel) project, formerly DIES MISERERE, has been renamed STAR OF ASH. The album is scheduled for post-production/mixing early Spring 2002. JESTER mastermind Crispy G. reports "Since having listened to the pre-production of the material it seems perfectly clear to me that this girl is gonna shut the mouths the disbelievers once and for all". We are happy to bring aboard some real girl power.

Our next release, TRICK020, is scheduled as a double-trouble deck wrecker, containing highlights from our back catalogue as well as exclusive material from all of the JESTER recording artists as well as artwork and design created by Torkemonicon Wills.

VIRUS have had some severe problems with vocal recording sessions for "The Drama Hour", but just recently seem to have discovered the solution in Mr. Halvard Djupvik (wacky pseudonym not yet decided). Only a few minor adjustments to be made and the album will be set for press.

A similar story regarding Kåre Joao's solo-debut: Expect a lovely blend of psychedelia a la Spacemen 3/Spiritualized with hints of early Stooges. Some guest musicians on the album include members from the late TURBONEGRO and GLUECIFER.

The C.E.O. of our brother label Smalltown Supersound, Mr. Joakim Haugland, has offered to compile an album with noise/glitch/contemporary remixes of ULVER's entire back catalogue. So far names like MERZBOW, KEVIN DRUMM, JAZZKAMMER and KIM HIORTHØY are confirmed.

For those of you who didn't hear this fun news a couple of months back, ULVER was once again an issue of national controversy. It seems their Blakean 2xCD was handpicked by the Norwegian government (i.e. Ministry of cultural affairs) as part of a 'musical' wedding gift to the recently married Crown Prince-couple, Haakon and Mette Marit. As a result the Trickster made it to the Tabloid headlines having to 'explain' ULVER's 'Satanic' background, opinions on the monarchy and all. This was even the topic of discussion in a few domestic tv-programs in the following days. So much for applying for membership in the Origami Republika, huh??

Not exactly JESTER news but we are under the impression that there are quite a few of you who would like to be informed that Arcturus have sworn on their mothers graves to have their long-awaited third album ready for the MIDEM festival ( which starts 15th January 2002. This means that their album, tentatively titled "The Sham Mirrors" will be manufactured, promoted and released shortly thereafter, presumably mid-March, 1st of April or thereabouts. Label? AD ASTRA Records of course...

Benny Braaten aka b9/Origami Galaktika is now releasing his first collection of poetry entitled "Uke 29" (Week 29). The book was printed at the ship MS Stubnitz in Rostock, Germany. The release date is set to 17 December at Mir in Oslo, where he will be reading from the book and playing drums in the girlpunk band Venke Fuzz. Other performances by SS Bondevik, Rex Rudi, Daffy & Justin, Holte Pogo Experience and Bjørn Lund. People in Norway are welcome. The book can be ordered directly from him by dropping him a mail at, the price is NOK 120 + postage and packing.

Oh yeah, for the few who may be unnecessarily panicked when talk of anything "limited" comes up, The End ( have all our releases in stock. They are very fast and very reliable. So stop whining and go buy. It's not our fault that all the shops want are the new Mariah Carey and Celine Dion discs.

Single Unit
Written on 29/8/01

Just signed a one-man project called SINGLE UNIT. The CD contains 16 tracks that will blow the minds of those who thought DØDHEIMSGARD's '666 International' was the ultimate shit. SINGLE UNIT is one man's endeavour into the mechanics of metal, hardcore, abstract and playful electronic music. The record "Family of Forces" [TRICK019] is the result of an alchemist approach to recorded music, a restructural process merged with autodidactic instrumentation, forced coincidence and frozen accidents. Are Mokkelbost is responsible for all music, images and layout, making "Family of Forces" a solo project at all stages of the process.

Lots of new releases!
Written on 22/8/01

A little news about Jester Records' Psychedelic Autumn: WHEN "The Lobster Boys" [TRICK014] and the full length album [TRICK016] from Kåre Joao Pedersen's (from EUROBOYS) project will both see autumn releases.

Two ULVER writing/recording sessions are taking place simultaneously for the "Silencing The Singing" EP [TRICK017] and the reworking of "Nattens Madrigal" [new title not yet revealed]. Word has it the string quartet has recorded over 75% of the melodies from the original compositions thus far! [plans are not to reproduce the entire form of the album but to revitalize choice moments for transformation]

The VIRUS album is wrapping up as you read, it is scheduled for a January release.

ROTOSCOPE are currently working on an EP containing 3 new songs and a cover [all with vocals]. The tentative title is "Exclusively For Everyone EP No. 1" [This news from Andreas himself]

Ulver photo exhibition & Silencing news
Written on 13/8/01

Images from Christophorus G. Rygg's photography exhibition "Silence Teaches You How To Sing" are up here: foto

In addition, a new ULVER EP (annoyingly also ltd. to 2000 copies) is on its way. It is titled 'Silencing The Singing'. Furthermore, a string quartet from the Oslo philharmonic orchestra will be visiting our boys in the studio this week to record the old beast 'The Madrigal of the Night' anew. Yeah, you heard right. The Wolf is nigh.

Ulver, Virus, When, Origami
Written on 8/8/01

Information and images from Kristoffer Rygg's debut photography exhibition 'Silence Teaches You How To Sing' (13-15 July) will appear here very soon. Trickster said "I exhibited some rather large plates approx. 1.20 x 2.00 meters. It went very well and had somewhere between 300 and 400 visitors. I got some amazing response and sold a couple of pictures. The EP was more or less to be regarded as a component to the pictures."

The VIRUS album is still in the making. The news is that Oeyvind Haegeland from SPIRAL ARCHITECT will be singing as Czral wasn't too thrilled with his own performance. Øyvind will adapt a more "jazzy" approach for the recording and will start vocalizing this week.

WHEN will play a release concert at Blå, Oslo 11th Sept. ( Also some new images of WHEN will also appear here soon!!

Also some images of b9 (ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA) can be found here: (

Silence Teaches You To Sing excerpt
Written on 30/7/01

Here is a little sample from the ULVER EP:

ULVER "Silence Teaches You How To Sing" MP3 [2.3 MB]

Ulver, Bjarne Melgaard, Virus, When
Written on 15/5/01

After the release of "Silence Teaches You How To Sing" [EP limited to 2,000 pressings, which I will be selling through the site as soon as the pressing process has been completed, composed of extractions from a one night "Dead City Centre jam" in February] ULVER will be working with Norwegian visual artist Bjarne Melgaard [Melgaard has taken a serious interest in what they are up to].

Bjarne Melgaard is one of Norway’s most renowned artists. In relatively few years, he has exhibited his art at important European institutions e.g. Kiasma in Hesinki, Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam and Gent, Kunstmuseum in Bonn and Astrup Fearnley Museum in Oslo. He has created his own language in works that encompass painting, sculpture, text, photography, textiles etc, and has a departure point in everything ranging from comic strip series, gay culture to South Pacific mysticism and drugs. He combines and blends this together into his excessive installations, which become worlds in their own right with their own chaotic and complex order. Some research for interested parties: Bjarne Melgaard [2] [3]

We can reveal that there has been talk of a book/publication as a component of ULVER’s fore-standing ten-year jubilee and some joint installations/exhibitions, although more specific details around their interaction will, for the time being, be withheld. The jubilee, scheduled for a 2003 release, will encompass a decade of work re-conceived in the current and developing context of ULVER. Expect early/prior ULVER material to be torqued and revitalized in various recreations, remixes and deformations. More information as the concept develops.

VIRUS are completing work on their upcoming release [tentative title "The Drama Hour" may be changed] now that Czral has returned from attending a few employment conventions around Europe to expand the ever growing success of Cadaver Inc. [Fast and Affordable Murder Scene Clean Up and Corpse Removal].

For those of you who may have noticed the rather distant release date of WHEN "The Lobster Boys", 09.01.01, it is due to some additional material being recorded for the release.

Lobster sample
Written on 28/4/01

WHEN "The Lobster Boys" has been given the tentative date of 09.01.01. Here is a teaser from the psychepop masterwork. WHEN - Ruin Yourself [sample 2:17|2.1 MB]

Rotoscope & Kåre
Written on 3/4/01

Just signed ROTOSCOPE, which is a solo project of one of Andreas Mjøs from the Norwegian Jazz collective JAGA JAZZIST (excellent group which is currently enjoying quite a big hype in these circles). The album is recorded and ready, and bears the title 'Great Curves'. The music can be described as an educated form of electro/jazz with hints of cut-up/collage and computerism. Release date will be announced soon.

On another note: Kåre J. Pedersen of the infamous KÅRE & THE CAVEMEN aka EUROBOYS will be recording a mini-album for Jester soon. Psychedelia par excellence. He played some drums for ULVER on PC's 'Porn piece".

The Lobster Boys
Written on 28/3/01

The new WHEN album is complete! It will be called "The Lobster Boys" [Trick014]. More news about the album as it is revealed... Below you'll find the track listing:

1. Theme from The Lobster Boys
2. Cut
3. Flower Jam
4. Bal'ak
5. Instant Flute
6. Ruin Yourself
7. Ruin Mix
8. Black Star
9. When
a) Buddha
b) Allah

Origami, Arcturus, Ulver
Written on 16/3/01

Jester Records will soon re-issue the ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA double CD "Stjernevandring/Eesti Lilled Silmad Süda" [Trick013] which were originally only released as two LP format albums. It is currently being remastered for production. ULVER musician Tore Ylwizaker has also been a member of ORIGAMI [the fraction known as ORIGAMI ARKTIKA] and has appeared on some releases in the past. Other notable collaborators include Jarboe and M. Gira of SWANS. Visit Origami Galaktika's website for further information regarding this ambient orchestra!

ARCTURUS are currently recording "The Sham Mirrors". Reports say they are not rushing the production of the album so it could be a while before they are satisfied with the recording. "The Sham Mirrors" WILL NOT be a Jester Records release, but perhaps a branching label of its own [at least for the time being]

ULVER "Perdition City" shirts are about to be printed. They will have the album's cover art as the design.

Written on 6/3/01

If, for some strange reason, any of you with sites would care to raise our banner somewhere on your site feel free to use this one - Jester Records

Trickster photo
Written on 1/3/01

Nothing really "new" to say but here is a brand new promotional image of the Trickster [ULVER promotional photo 2001 for "Perdition City"]

Ulver, When, Bogus Blimp
Written on 22/2/01

ULVER will begin recordings for their new EP "Silence Teaches You How To Sing" very soon.

Lars Pedersen will also begin work on a new WHEN album.

"Perdition City" will have a general release [03.19.01 tentatively] as a jewel case with a bit more minimal packaging than the limited edition [still nice! thanks to Subtopia]. Unfortunately the 5,000 limited "Perdition City" in the Playstation style format are already sold out [received this word from Kris this morning]. This means they are reserved by shops and distributors for sale when the album is released, so keep an eye out for them! I will post any information here in the news section on any distributors carrying the special limited edition format of "Perdition City". Publications [Web or print] can e-mail for information regarding promotional lists and so forth, Jester Records [U.S. office] is not responsible for promotional items [though I will attempt to help if possible when promotional items come my way]

Reprints of BOGUS BLIMP "Men-Mic" and WHEN "Psychedelic Wunderbaum" are being manufactured now [in jewel case this time, instead of slipcase]. All of this should be in stock by the release of "Perdition City"!

Perdition City
Written on 20/2/01

Here is what a lot of you have been waiting for! A NEW ULVER SAMPLE!
• Download the full Nowhere/Catastrophe" MP3 [4.5 MB]

"Perdition City" is set for a tentative release date of 03.19.01.
The tracklisting is as follows:

1. Lost In Moments
2. Porn Piece or The Scars of Cold Kisses
2.1. Piece One
2.2. Piece Two
3. Hallways of Always
4. Tomorrow Never Knows
5. The Future Sound of Music
6. We Are Dead
7. Dead City Centres
8. Catalept
9. Nowhere/Catastrophe

Perdition City Reviews will be posted here.

For all of you who have received promos of "Perdition City" already please forward your reviews here [] to be posted on the site, it would be highly appreciated! I immediately exhausted my promotional copy shipment so please do not inquire about promos at this time, I will see if I can get more and inform those with publications when and if my quantities are adequate [so far I've practically received more promo requests than purchase requests!]. If you were not included in the 02.20.01 e-mail news mailing it may be because I've had a bit of a problem with my e-mail address program, please e-mail me if you didn't receive the mailing or you wish to be included in future mailings. Thanks!

Virus photos
Written on 2/2/01

A VIRUS glammer shot to get you all excited - Virus Band Shot
and another pretty picture: Virus

Many thanks to Kim at Kaaessemm Design for the images!

Ulver, Virus, Star Of Ash
Written on 8/1/01

ULVER's Perdition City has been completed and is being pressed and packaged this very moment.

VIRUS - "The Drama Hour" [tentative title for the upcoming album] is scheduled to begin recording sessions February 8th with Ingar of BOGUS BLIMP assisting production.

A few words from Czral concerning VIRUS: "VIRUS is more of an eccentric rock band than a metal band. People have said it sounds like a mixture of TALKING HEADS and VOIVOD. VIRUS is linked musically to my old band VED BUENS ENDE, but should'nt be looked upon solely as its predecessor."

Working song titles include the following:

Saturday Night Virus
Gun Meet Mother
Queen of The High-Ace
Be Elevator
Its All Gone Weird

New artist update:

STAR OF ASH - A project by Ihriel. Introspective, silent neo-classical hinting towards composers like Arvo Pãrt and Gorecki. Dark and dreamy stuff. Tentative title for the upcoming release is "Iter. Viator. Eyes Afar Beyond Veils of Slumber".

Also the server should be up soon for as well as stock of all the releases including ULVER - Perdition City. E-mail to be included in future Jester Records news e-mailings.

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