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Released January 2012
Zweizz & Joey Hopkins album teaser
Written on 25/2/11

The Zweizz & Joey Hopkins album will be available in vinyl format for purchase during the Ulver/Zweizz European tour. A CD version will follow later this spring.

Below is a taster from the album; the song is called Black Strobes.

Written on 19/7/10


Written on 24/5/10

I am happy to announce that the first and only album by Zweizz & Joey Hopkins will be released through Jester Records in 2010.

I met Joey Hopkins through the social networking site Myspace. We initiated a cooperation in 2007 that lasted until Joeys untimely death in December 2008.

By then we had made eleven song sketches. I only spoke with him on the telephone once, and we were discussing meeting IRL, but somehow we didnt feel like there was any hurry. Then suddenly he was gone.

I have tried to make an abum that both his mother and the rest of his family can remember him by as well as being a statement that lives up to my somewhat idiosyncratic artistic standards. And of course, I can just assume that Joey would have approved of the songs in their respective final states. It can be difficult to kill the darlings of a friend who has already went onwards.

I hope I have succeeded in making this an album that he would have liked, and I want to share this music with as many people as possible to celebrate the memory of the immense talent of Joey Hopkins. It has been an honour to work with you.

Some words to describe the musick: Electronic, hectic like a can of worms, some pop surfaces, distorted, melodic most of the time, some black metal influences, some IDM influences. IT'S LIKE A GOLEM.

The album, named simply Zweizz & Joey Hopkins, contains the following songs:

1. Eternal Puberty feat. Ingrid Berge
2. dWill to dPower / Tomorrow
3. Black Strobes feat. Torgny Knutson Amdam
4. Bimbo Rimjob
5. Porcelain Dolls in the Bath
6. The Goat feat. Kristoffer Rygg
7. Armies of General Nonsense
8. Smash, Politics, Gag
9. How We Ate The Flesh feat. Ingrid Berge
10. No Clue feat. Czral
11. Compulsar Massive feat. Kim Slve

There is also a remix done by our Jester Records colleague Upland and possibly some more surprises.

Cover by Trine + Kim.

I would also like to thank Filip Roshauw for being the jordFAAR for ekte norsk trend metal.

More frequent updates at

Written on 17/3/10

Sorry for the silence. We've been high.

But we have decided to get back to work and release a black metal record, of all things. It just kicks so much ass!

NIDINGR is back after a 5 year hiatus, with Wolf-father, a theme-album based on Norse mythology. NIDINGR already enjoys an elevated status among the connoisseurs up here, and this new release will solidify all of that and more. Nidingr's main man is Teloch whose many undertakings include GORGOROTH, 1349, UMORAL, OV HELL etc. Just you wait.

Also, don't forget to pick up UPLAND. It is dark and dreamy.

Written on 30/9/09

The new UPLAND is in prod. and will be released via PHD very soon. Eat your heart out Autechre. This is the schizzle.

Also, there's a cool, rather extensive interview with b9/ORIGAMI GALAKTIKA over at Avantgarde-Metal. Read it.

Written on 27/4/09

No longer than a year after his "return to darkness" with You are silent, Lars Pedersen and his WHEN is back with a lesson in plunderphonics. Album no. 13 since the start 25 years ago, this one is something else: a mixtape/mashup to celebrate brilliant bandleader, pianist, mystic, philosopher and Afro-Futurist Sun Ra.

The first volume of WHEN's Homage Series, this singular saucer is a jam-packed jamboree of "cosmic jazz", where Lars borrowsnot stealscuts, loops, adds and completely turns the universe of the legendary jazz-brother from planet no. 6 inside out. Pedersen's own Omniverse Arkestra, if you will.

This is not exploitation, or blaxploitation, or anything but a labour of love, respect and admirationfrom one space cadet to another.

Turn on, tune in, space out. And place your order here or there:


Next in this series, Vol. II: POMPEL OG PILT.

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